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The Cambridge Companion to Contemporary Irish Poetry
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  • Page extent: 314 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521012454 | ISBN-10: 0521012457)

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Irish poets have produced some of the most exciting poetry in contemporary literature over the last fifty years. In addition to providing a unique introduction to major figures such as Seamus Heaney, this Companion introduces the reader to significant precursors such as Louis MacNeice or Patrick Kavanagh, as well as vital contemporaries and successors (including among others, Thomas Kinsella, Paul Muldoon and Nuala Ni Dhomhnaill.) The volume includes a chronology and guide to further reading and will prove invaluable to students and teachers.


Chronology; 1. Ireland in poetry, 1999, 1949, 1969 Matthew Campbell; 2. From Irish mode to modernisation: the poetry of Austin Clarke John Goodby; 3. Patrick Kavanagh and anti-pastoral Jonathan Allison; 4. Louis MacNiece: irony and responsibility Peter McDonald; 5. The Irish modernists and their legacy Alex Davis; 6. Poetry of the 1960s: the 'Northern Ireland Renaissance' Fran Brearton; 7. Seamus Heaney and violence Dillon Johnston; 8. Mahon and Longley: places and placelessness Terence Brown; 9. Between two languages: contemporary poetry in Irish and English Frank Sewell; 10. Boland, McGuckian, NĂ­ ChuilleanĂ¡in and the body of the nation Guinn Batten; 11. Sonnets, centos, and long lines: Muldoon, Paulin, McGuckian and Carson Shane Murphy; 12. Performance and dissent: Irish poets in the public sphere Lucy Collins; 13. Irish poets and the world Robert Faggen; 14. Irish poetry into the twenty-first century David Wheatley.


Matthew Campbell, John Goodby, Jonathan Allison, Peter McDonald, Alex Davis, Fran Brearton, Dillon Johnston, Terence Brown, Frank Sewell, Guinn Batten, Shane Murphy, Lucy Collins, Robert Faggen, David Wheatley

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