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Handbook of Phycological Methods
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  • Page extent: 632 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 1.09 kg
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521249157 | ISBN-10: 0521249155)

  • Also available in Paperback
  • Published March 1986

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$299.00 (R)

The first comprehensive treatment of recently developed methodologies in the rapidly advancing field of marine benthic algal ecology. Considers how the new procedures may be adapted to suit different habitats and systems. Stresses the advantages of natural macroalgal systems as opposed to innovative ecological experimentation.


Editors' preface; Introduction; Part I. Environmental Sampling and Monitoring (Major Parameters): 1. Water motion Mark W. Denny; 2. Light J. Ramus; 3. Nutrients Patricia A. Wheeler; Part II. Assessments of Populations and Communities: 4. Collection, handling, preservation, and logistics Roy T. Tsuda and Isabella A. Abbott; 5. Electrophoresis Donald P. Cheney; 6. Natural products chemistry: uses in ecology and systematics James N. Norris and William H. Fenical; 7. Destructive (harvest) sampling Robert E. De Wreede; 8. Nondestructive sampling Mark M. Littler and Diane S. Littler; 9. Remote sensing and mapping T. Belsher, L. Loubersac and G. Belbeoch; 10. Subtidal techniques Michael S. Foster, Thomas A. Dean and Larry E. Deysher; 11. Equipment for conducting research in deep waters Sylvia A. Earle; 12. Demography A. R. O. Chapman; 13. Succession Michael S. Foster and Wayne P. Sousa; 14. Biomechanics M. A. R. Koehl and Stephen A. Wainwright; 15. Biographical analyses Louis D. Druehl and Robert G. Foottit; Part III. Ecological Energetics: 16. Respirometry and manometry Clinton J. Dawes; 17. Electrodes and chemicals Mark M. Littler and Keith E. Arnold; 18. The carbon-14 method for measuring primary productivity Keith E. Arnold and Mark M. Littler; 19. Measurement of photosynthesis by infrared gas analysis John A. Browse; 20. carbon allocation Richard G. Buggeln; 21. Open-flow systems Donald W. Kinsey; 22. Growth patterns and rates Boudewijn H. Brinkhuis; 23. Calorimetry Thomas H. Carefoot; 24. Nutrient uptake Marilyn M. Harlin and Patricia A. Wheeler; Part IV. Biological Interactions: 25. Competition among macroalgae E. J. Denley and P. K. Dayton; 26. Herbivory Robert L. Vadas; 27. Pathology John H. Andrews and Lynda J. Goff; Part V. Appendix: List of suppliers; Part VI. Indexes: Author; Taxonomic.


Mark W. Denny, J. Ramus, Patricia A. Wheeler, Roy T. Tsuda, Isabella A. Abbott, Donald P. Cheney, James N. Norris, William H. Fenical, Robert E. De Wreede, Mark M. Littler, Diane S. Littler, T. Belsher, L. Loubersac, G. Belbeoch, Michael S. Foster, Thomas A. Dean, Larry E. Deysher, Sylvia A. Earle, A. R. O. Chapman, Wayne P. Sousa, M. A. R. Koehl, Stephen A. Wainwright, Louis D. Druehl, Robert G. Foottit, Clinton J. Dawes, Keith E. Arnold, John A. Browse, Richard G. Buggeln, Donald W. Kinsey, Boudewijn H. Brinkhuis, Thomas H. Carefoot, Marilyn M. Harlin, E. J. Denley, P. K. Dayton, Robert L. Vadas, John H. Andrews, Lynda J. Goff

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