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Understanding Ethical Failures in Leadership


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521545976 | ISBN-10: 0521545978)

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Why do leaders fail ethically? In this book, Terry L. Price uses a multi-disciplinary approach to an understanding of immorality in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. He argues that leaders can know that a certain kind of behavior is generally required by morality but still be mistaken as to whether the relevant moral requirement applies to them in a particular situation and whether others are protected by this requirement. Price demonstrates how leaders make exceptions of themselves, explains how the justificatory force of leadership gives rise to such exception-making, and develops normative protocols that leaders should adopt.


1. Volitional and cognitive accounts of ethical failures in leadership; 2. The nature of exception making; 3. Making exceptions for leaders; 4. Justifying leadership; 5. The ethics of authentic transformational leadership; 6. Change and responsibility; 7. Ignorance, history, and moral membership.


"This is an excellent book. To my knowledge it is far and away the best treatment of the ethics of leadership. It engages the business ethics literature as well as relevant philosophical literature. The treatment is deep, well-balanced, and original. Overall the book is written in an exceptionally lucid and accessible style." --Prof. Allen Buchanan

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