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The Cambridge Companion to Evangelical Theology


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521609746)

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Evangelicalism, a vibrant and growing expression of historic Christian orthodoxy, is already one of the largest and most geographically diverse global religious movements. This Companion, first published in 2007, offers an articulation of evangelical theology that is both faithful to historic evangelical convictions and in dialogue with contemporary intellectual contexts and concerns. In addition to original and creative essays on central Christian doctrines such as Christ, the Trinity, and Justification, it breaks new ground by offering evangelical reflections on issues such as gender, race, culture, and world religions. This volume also moves beyond the confines of Anglo-American perspectives to offer separate essays exploring evangelical theology in African, Asian, and Latin American contexts. The contributors to this volume form an unrivalled list of many of today's most eminent evangelical theologians and important emerging voices.


1. Defining and locating 'Evangelicalism' Timothy Larsen; Part 1. Evangelicals and Christian Doctrine: 2. The triune God of the Gospel Kevin J. Vanhoozer; 3. Scripture and hermeneutics Daniel J. Treier; 4. Jesus Christ John Webster; 5. The human person in the Christian story Cherith Fee Nordling; 6. Justification and atonement D. Stephen Long; 7. The Holy Spirit Terry L. Cross; 8. Conversion and sanctification Mi-Yon Chung; 9. The Church in Evangelical theology and practice Leanne Van Dyk; Part 2. The Contexts of Evangelical Theology: 10. Evangelical theology and culture William A. Dyrness; 11. Evangelical theology and gender Elaine Storkey; 12. Race, and the experience of death: theologically reappraising American Evangelicalism J. Kameron Carter; 13. Evangelical theology and the religions Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen; 14. Evangelical theology in African contexts Tite Tiénou; 15. Evangelical theology in Asian contexts Simon Chan; 16. British (and European) Evangelical theologies Stephen R. Holmes; 17. Evangelical theology in Latin American contexts C. René Padilla; 18. Evangelical theology in North American contexts Timothy George.


"This Cambridge Companion provides a valuable resource for the study of evangelical theology. The various contributions are intended to assist both scholars and students to understand more fully evangelical theology especially as it is present in Africa, Asia and Latin America. This Book deserves a place in any theological library. "
Lucien J. Richard, Catholic Library World

"...offers helpful insight into some of the various contours in which modern evangelicalism finds itself." --Jeffrey Anderson, Regent University School of Divinity: Religious Studies Review

"The Cambridge Companion to Religion series aims to provide accessible introductions for new readers and non-specialists. This volume surpasses that goal with its specialized and ethnically diverse authors, its accessibility, its up-to-date analyses, its breadth of topics, and its global scope, all of which should afford it a wide readership." --Restoration Quarterly


Timothy Larsen, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Daniel J. Treier, John Webster, Cherith Fee Nordling, D. Stephen Long, Terry L. Cross, Mi-Yon Chung, Leanne Van Dyk, William A. Dyrness, Elaine Storkey, J. Kameron Carter, Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Tite Tiénou, Simon Chan, Stephen R. Holmes, C. René Padilla, Timothy George

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