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America's Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage


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America’s Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage
Cambridge University Press
0521848563 - AMERICA’S STRUGGLE FOR SAME-SEX MARRIAGE - by Daniel R. Pinello


America's Struggle for Same-Sex Marriage chronicles the evolution of the social movement for same-sex marriage in the United States and examines the political controversies surrounding gay people's quest for access to the civil institution of marriage. The book focuses on the momentous events that began in November 2003, when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court declared unequivocally that the state's conferral of marriage only on opposite-sex couples violated constitutional principles of respect for individual autonomy and equality under law. The decision both triggered a political backlash of national proportion and prompted officials in San Francisco, Multnomah County (Oregon), Sandoval County (New Mexico), and New Paltz (New York) to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The volume relies on in-depth interviews to provide an insider account of how courts, politicians, and activists maneuver and deal with a cutting-edge social policy issue, as well as real-life narratives about everyday people whom the debate immediately affects.

DANIEL R. PINELLO was educated at Williams College (B.A.), New York University (J.D.), and Yale University (Ph.D., political science). His scholarship includes Gay Rights and American Law (2003), The Impact of Judicial-Selection Method on State-Supreme-Court Policy: Innovation, Reaction, and Atrophy (1995), and “Linking Party to Judicial Ideology in American Courts: A Meta-Analysis,”Justice System Journal (1999). He is a professor of government at John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City University of New York and has also taught at Ohio Wesleyan University, the University of New Orleans, and Yale University. Additional information on many of the court decisions discussed in this book may be found at, where the author maintains a free casebook on sexual orientation and the law.

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Cambridge University Press
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First published 2006

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Pinello, Daniel R.
America’s struggle for same-sex marriage / Daniel R. Pinello.
Includes bibliographical references.

ISBN-13: 978-0-521-84856-5 (hardback)
ISBN-10: 0-521-84856-3 (hardback)
ISBN-13: 978-0-521-61303-3 (pbk.)
ISBN-10: 0-521-61303-5 (pbk.)

1. Same-sex marriage – United States.
2. Gay couples – Legal status, laws, etc. – United States. I. Title.
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ISBN-13 978-0-521-84856-5 hardback
ISBN-10: 0-521-84856-3 hardback

ISBN-13 978-0-521-61303-3 paperback
ISBN-10 0-521-61303-5 paperback

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Acknowledgmentspage ix
Craig and Greg5
Peg and Spence9
Gordon and Jeff12
New Mexico as Introduction17
2Overview and Background18
Early Stirrings22
The Mastermind23
Political Science Themes30
Massachusetts before Goodridge34
The 2004 Constitutional Convention45
The Legislative Debates63
Mayor Newsom74
The Winter of Love80
Flowers from the Heartland85
The Nullification87
Future Court Action90
Proposition 22 and a Future Same-Sex Marriage Ballot Measure95
Multnomah County105
The Defense of Marriage Coalition114
Measure 36118
The Measure 36 Campaign123
6New York143
The Business of Same-Sex Marriage148
Public Education151
Procreation and Child Rearing156
Are Civil Unions/Domestic Partnerships/ReciprocalBenefits Adequate?160
Acceptance or Bigotry?166
The Roles of Courts and Legislatures172
Judicial Efficacy175
Appendix: Methods195

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