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The Cambridge Companion to Jonathan Edwards


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521618052 | ISBN-10: 0521618053)

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Long recognized as 'America's theologian', Jonathan Edwards (1703–1758) is seen as instrumental in the Great Awakening of the 1740s that gripped much of New England and that laid the groundwork for an American Protestant religious identity. This Cambridge Companion offers a general, comprehensive introduction to Jonathan Edwards and examines his life and works from various disciplinary perspectives including history, literature, theology, religious studies, and philosophy. The book consists of seventeen chapters written by leading religious scholars, historians and literary critics on Edwards' life, work, and legacy. The Companion will be an invaluable aid to teachers and scholars and will be imminently accessible to those just encountering Edwards for the first time.


1. Introduction Stephen J. Stein; Part I. Life and Context: 2. Biography George M. Marsden; 3. Personal writings Kenneth P. Minkema; 4. New England background David D. Hall; 5. Transatlantic Enlightenment Avihu Zakai; Part II. Roles and Achievements: 6. Preacher Wilson H. Kimnach; 7. Revivalist Harry S. Stout; 8. Theologian E. Brooks Holifield; 9. Philosopher Stephen H. Daniel; 10. Exegete Stephen J. Stein; 11. Missionary Rachel M. Wheeler; Part III. Legacy and Reputation: 12. American culture Joseph A. Conforti; 13. American literature Philip F. Gura; 14. Gender and social issues Ava Chamberlain; 15. Evangelical tradition Douglas A. Sweeney; 16. Religious scholarship Stephen Crocco; 17. Abroad David Bebbington.


"[the] collection of authors is first-rate and the work they have produced sterling." —The Christian Century

"… chapters are informative … and give us a truer picture of the man than the popular caricature of a fierce preacher of hellfire sermons …' —Baptist Quarterly

"These are solid, reliable, and helpful essays—just what a literary companion should be. ...they serve to orient the reader to further reading. Edwards might have found this Cambridge Companion more amiable than its Princeton cousin: more rooted in historical context, more attuned to evangelical themes and less engaged in the intellectual abstractions and technical distractions offered by the theologians. —Theological Studies


Stephen J. Stein, George M. Marsden, Kenneth P. Minkema, David D. Hall, Avihu Zakai, Wilson H. Kimnach, Harry S. Stout, E. Brooks Holifield, Stephen H. Daniel, Rachel M. Wheeler, Joseph A. Conforti, Philip F. Gura, Ava Chamberlain, Douglas A. Sweeney, Stephen Crocco, David Bebbington

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