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Bernard Williams


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521665551)

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This volume provides a systematic overview and comprehensive assessment of Bernard Williams’s contribution to moral philosophy, a field in which Williams was one of the most influential of contemporary philosophers. The seven essays, which were specially commissioned for this volume, examine his work on moral objectivity, the nature of practical reason, moral emotion, the critique of the “morality system,” Williams’s assessment of the ethical thought of the ancient world, and his later adoption of Nietzsche’s method of “genealogy.”


Introduction Alan Thomas; 1. Realism and the absolute conception A. W. Moore; 2. The non-objectivist critique of moral knowledge Alan Thomas; 3. Internal reasons and the scope of blame John Skorupski; 4. The critique of the morality system Robert B. Louden; 5. Shame, guilt and pathological guilt Michael Stocker; 6. Williams on Greek literature and philosophy A. A. Long; 7. Genealogies and the state of nature Edward Craig.


"Overall, it is a stimulating addition to the growing literature on Williams...I heartily recommend this book as essential and stimulating reading for anyone interested in Bernard Williams, as everyone interested in contemporary moral philosophy ought to be, and commend the editor for putting together as well as contributing to a sophisticated and exciting collection."
-Catherine Wilson, The Graduate Center, CUNY Notre Dame, Philosophical Reviews


Alan Thomas, A. W. Moore, John Skorupski, Robert B. Louden, Michael Stocker, A. A. Long, Edward Craig

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