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An Introduction to Christian Theology


  • 23 b/w illus. 21 tables
  • Page extent: 652 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521690379)

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Far from being solely an academic enterprise, the practice of theology can pique the interest of anyone who wonders about the meaning of life. Inviting readers on a journey of 'faith seeking understanding', this introduction to Christian theology - its basic concepts, confessional content, and history - emphasizes the relevance of the key convictions of Christian faith to the challenges of today's world. In the first part, this book introduces the project of Christian theology and sketches the critical context that confronts Christian thought and practice today. In a second part, it offers a survey of the key doctrinal themes of Christian theology - including revelation, the triune God, and the world as creation - identifying their biblical basis and the highlights of their historical development before giving a systematic evaluation of each theme. The third part provides an overview of Christian theology from the early church to the present.


Part I. Introduction to Theology: 1. What is theology?; 2. The critical context of theology today; Part II. Key Themes of Christian Theology: 3. Revelation and knowledge of God; 4. A tale of two theisms; 5. The triune God; 6. The world as creation; 7. Humanity in the image of God and the disfigurement of sin; 8. The problem of evil and the question of theodicy; 9. The identity and person of Jesus Christ; 10. The reconciling work of Jesus Christ; 11. The person and work of the Holy Spirit; 12. Dimensions of salvation; 13. The church and its mission; 14. Christianity in a global context; 15. Hope and the future; Part III. Historical Survey of Christian Theology: 16. Theology in the Patristic era (c.100–500 CE); 17. Theology in the Middle Ages (c.500–1400 CE); 18. Theology in the Reformation period (c.1400–1700 CE); 19. Theology in Modernity (c.1700–1960 CE); 20. Theology in the contemporary world (c.1960–present); Theological glossary; Bibliography; Index.


"This is an excellent textbook for undergraduate students and other readers who are interested in theology. It offers a balanced, succinct and clear treatment of all major issues. Its particular strength lies in the endeavour to relate systematic theology to the burning issues of our day and age and its broad scope. In doing so, a good example is set for the readers."
Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae

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