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The Research Imagination

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  • 29 tables
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521705554)

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The idea that science is a blueprint for research, and imagination gives research its life and purpose inspired this comprehensive explanation of research methodology. The authors’ decades of experience have revealed that research is a craft requiring judgment and creativity, not simply memorization and application of the rules of science. This book covers a wide variety of data-collection techniques, but presents them as reinforcing, rather than competing with one another, thus striking a balance between qualitative and quantitative methods and proving an essential resource for instructors and students of sociology.


1. Research process; 2. Theory and method; 3. Research design; 4. Measurement; 5. Ethical and political issues; 6. Sampling; 7. Survey research; 8. Intensive interviewing; 9. Observational field research; 10. Feminist methods; 11. Historical analysis; 12. Experimental research; 13. Content analysis; 14. Aggregate data analysis; 15. Comparative research method; 16. Evaluation research; 17. Indexes and scales; 18. Basic statistical analysis; 19. Multivariate analysis and statistical significance; Epilogue: the value and limits of social science knowledge.

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