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The Cambridge Companion to Black Theology


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521705691)

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This volume discusses normative theological categories from a black perspective and argues that there is no major Christian doctrine on which black theology has not commented. Part One explores introductory questions such as: what have been the historical and social factors fostering a black theology, and what are some of the internal factors key to its growth? Part Two examines major doctrines which have been important for black theology in terms of clarifying key intellectual foci common to the study of religion. The final part discusses black theology as a world-wide development constituted by interdisciplinary approaches. The volume has an important role in bringing Christian thought into confrontation with one of the central challenges of modernity, namely the problem of race and racism. This Companion puts theological themes in conversation with issues of ethnicity, gender, social analysis, politics and class and is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students.


Preface; Part I. Introduction Section: 1. General introduction Dwight N. Hopkins; 2. Historical perspective Gayraud S. Wilmore; 3. Black theology and liberation theologies Edward P. Antonio; 4. The social sciences and rituals of resilience in African and African American communities Linda E. Thomas; 5. Black theology and womanist theology Delores S. Williams; Part II. Themes in Black Theology: 6. God Dennis W. Wiley; 7. Jesus in Black theology: the ancient ancestor visits Julian Kunnie; 8. Black theology and the Holy Spirit Garth Baker-Fletcher; 9. Black theology and human purpose Riggins Earl; 10. Theology's great sin: silence in the face of white supremacy James H. Cone; 11. Theodicy: 'de lawd knowed how it was': Black theology and Black suffering Allan Boesak; 12. Black theology and the Bible Michael J. Brown; 13. Protestant ecclesiology Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr; 14. Roman Catholic ecclesiology Cyprian Davis; 15. Dignity and destiny: Black reflections on eschatology J. Deotis Roberts; Part III. Global Expressions of Black Theology: 16. The history of Black theology in South Africa Mokgethi Motlhabi; 17. Black theology in Britain Anthony Reddie; 18. Slave religion and Black theology in Brazil Walter Passos; 19. Black theology in Cuba Raùl Saurez Ramos; 20. Black theology in Jamaica Noel L. Erskine; 21. Methodology in an Aboriginal theology Anne Pattel-Gray; 22. Black theology and post-colonial discourse Edward P. Antonio; 23. The future of Black theology James H. Evans; Bibliography; Index.


"This volume is a welcome addition to the Cambridge Companions to Religion, and one does not need to be black, or a theologian, or even a Christian, to find it of great interest."
David Geall, Reference Reviews

"The book is an essential resource for promoting awareness of Black theology as a global theology as well as facilitating dialogue between the several Black contextual theologies."
Black Theology

"Bringing together insights from theologians, ethicists, and clergy, editors Hopkins and Antonio explore the critical categories that comprise black theology … the text is broad in scope and will be a wonderful addition to the libraries of students of religion, as well as any interested reader interested in grasping the normative subject matter and themes of black theology."
Religious Studies Review


Dwight N. Hopkins, Edward P. Antonio, Gayraud S. Wilmore, Emmanuel Martey, Linda E. Thomas, Delores S. Williams, Dennis W. Wiley, Julian Kunnie, Garth Baker-Fletcher, Riggins Earl, James H. Cone, Allan Boesak, Michael J. Brown, Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr, Cyprian Davis, J. Deotis Roberts, Mokgethi Motlhabi, Anthony Reddie, Edgard Aparecido de Moura, Raùl Saurez Ramos, Noel L. Erskine, Anne Pattel-Gray, Edward P. Antonio, James H. Evans, Walter Passos

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