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A History of Islamic Societies
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  • 29 b/w illus. 39 maps
  • Page extent: 1002 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg


 (ISBN-13: 9780521779333 | ISBN-10: 0521779332)

  • There was also a Hardback of this title but it is no longer available
  • Published August 2002

Replaced by 9780521732970

$64.99 (X)

Long considered a classic, A History of Islamic Societies is now that much more useful a reference for general readers and scholars alike. Widely praised for its balanced and comprehensive account, Ira Lapidus' work has been fully revised in its coverage of each country and region of the Muslim world through 2001. It incorporates the origins and evolution of Islamic societies and brings into focus the historical processes that gave shape to the manifold varieties of contemporary Islam. The concluding chapters survey the growing influence of the Islamist movements within national states and in their transnational or global dimensions, including the Islamic revival, Islamist politics and terrorism. An updated discussion of the roles of women in Islamic societies is added, with new sections about Afghanistan and Muslims in Europe, America, and the Philippines. Ira M. Lapidus is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of California at Berkeley. His many books and articles include Islam, Politics and Social Movements (University of California Press, 1988) and Muslim Cities in the Later Middle Ages (Cambridge, 1984).


Part I. The Origins of Islamic Civilization: The Middle East from c.600–1200; Introduction; The Preaching of Islam: 1. Arabia; 2. The Life of the Prophet; The Arab-Muslim Imperium, 632–945: 3. The Arab conquests and the socio-economic bases of empire; 4. The Caliphate; 5. Cosmopolitan Islam: the Islam of the imperial elite; 6. Urban Islam: the Islam of the religious elites; 7. Islamic culture and the separation of state and religion; 8. The fall of the 'Abbasid empire; From Islamic Culture to Islamic Society: Iran and Iraq, 945–c.1200: 9. The post- 'Abbasid Middle Eastern state system; 10. Muslim communities and Middle Eastern societies; 11. The collective ideal; 12. The personal ethic; Conclusion; Part II. The Worldwide Diffusion of Islamic Societies from the Tenth to the Nineteenth Century: Introduction; The Middle Eastern Islamic Societies: 13. Iran: the Mongol, Timurid, and Safavid empires; 14. The Turkish migrations and the Ottoman empire; 15. The Arab Middle East; 16. Islamic North Africa and Spain to the nineteenth century; Islam in Central and Southern Asia: 17. Inner Asia from the Mongol conquests to the nineteenth century; 18. The Indian subcontinent: the Delhi Sultanates and the Mughal empire; 19. The formation of Islamic societies in Southeast Asia; Islam in Africa: 20. Islam in Sudanic, Savannah, and Forest West Africa; 21. Islam in East Africa and the rise of European colonial empires; Conclusion; Part III. The Modern Transformation: Muslim Peoples in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Introduction; Nationalism and Islam in the Middle East: 22. Iran: state and religion in the modern era; 23. The dissolution of the Ottoman empire and the modernization of Turkey; 24. Egypt: secularism and Islamic modernity; 25. The Arab Middle East: Arabism, military states, and Islam; 26. North Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; Secularism and Islam in Central and Southern Asia: 27. The Indian subcontinent: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh; 28. Islam in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines; 29. Inner Asia under Russian and Chinese rule; Islam in Twentieth-Century Africa: 30. Islam in West Africa; 31. Islam in East Africa; 32. Muslims in Europe and America; Conclusion: secularized Islam and Islamic revival.


"This book is a major undertaking and deserves to be saluted as an outstanding achievement. Professor Lapidus' A History of Islamic Societies belongs to a rare breed of works which appear only once every two decades." Third World Quarterly

"..this is a great deal more than a textbook. It is a product of learning, intellect and style of an extremely high order." Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society

"The value of A History of Islamic Societies lies in its sheer comprehensiveness. In one volume a vast amount of material is synthesized and presented in a clear and effective style. There is nothing else like it. For the first time the worldwide history of Islamic societies is made accessible to the interested reader." The Journal of Asian Studies

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