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International Law and its Others
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  • Page extent: 436 pages
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521859493 | ISBN-10: 0521859492)

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International law is appealed to as offering a means of constraining power and as representing universal values. Here, scholars draw on jurisprudence, philosophy, legal history and political theory to analyse this turn towards international law.


1. A jurisprudence of the limit Anne Orford; Part I. Sovereignty Otherwise: 2. Speaking law: on bare theological and cosmopolitan sovereignty Costas Douzinas; 3. Law as conversation Ian Duncanson; 4. Corporate power and global order Dan Danielsen; 5. Seasons in the abyss: reading the void in Cubillo Connal Parsley; Part II. Human Rights and Other Values: 6. Reassessing international humanitarianism: the dark sides David Kennedy; 7. Trade, human rights and the economy of sacrifice Anne Orford; 8. Secrets of the fetish in international law's messianism Judith Grbich; 9. Human rights, the self and the other: reflections on a pragmatic theory of human rights Florian F. Hoffmann; Part III. The Relation to the Other: 10. Completing civilisation: Creole consciousness and international law in nineteenth century Latin America Liliana Obregón; 11. From 'savages' to 'unlawful combatants': a postcolonial look at international humanitarian law's 'other' Frédéric Mégret; 12. Lost in translation: rescripting the sexed subjects of international human rights law Dianne Otto; 13. Flesh made law: the economics of female genital mutilation legislation Juliet Rogers; Part IV. History's Other Actors: 14. On critique and the other Antony Anghie; 15. Afterword: and forward - there remains so much we do not know Hilary Charlesworth and David Kennedy.


" does offer the reader a set of building blocks from which to construct a post-Westphalian and postcolonial global law framework"
--Richard A. Falk, American Journal of International Law

"This fascinating and unique collection of essays will appeal greatly to those uncomfortable with the contemporary ascendency of international law, who wonder at its trajectory and the motivation behind its newly exalted status."
-- International Journal of Law in Context

"... readers looking for challenging discussions on the boundaries of contemporary international law will enjoy International Law and Its Others. It opens sometimes new, at other times long forgotten, or suppressed, perspectives on the international legal order. Moreover, it contains refreshing contributions on the current state of international law, while suggesting new roads for self-critical legal scholarship."
-- Netherlands International Law Review


Anne Orford, Costas Douzinas, Ian Duncanson, Dan Danielsen, Connal Parsley, David Kennedy, Judith Grbich, Florian F. Hoffmann, Liliana Obregón, Frédéric Mégret, Dianne Otto, Juliet Rogers, Antony Anghie, Hilary Charlesworth, David Kennedy

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