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Nineteenth-Century English
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  • 2 b/w illus. 121 tables
  • Page extent: 316 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9780521861069 | ISBN-10: 0521861063)

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This volume of Studies in English Language focuses on the nineteenth century, an important period of both stability and change for the English language. Through ten detailed case studies, it highlights the relationships between English, its users, and nineteenth-century society, looking particularly at gender differences and variation across genres. It also discusses major structural aspects of nineteenth-century English, such as nouns, verbs and adjectives, and Germanic vs. Romance vocabulary. Although the nineteenth century is often viewed as a relatively stable period in the development of the language, this volume shows the 1800s to be a time of significant change, some of which continued into the twentieth century. By making comparisons possible with both earlier and later periods, it makes an important contribution to our overall understanding of the history of the English language.


List of plates; List of figures; List of tables; List of contributors; Acknowledgements; Introduction: exploring nineteenth century English - past and present perspectives Merja Kytö, Mats Rydén and Erik Smitterberg; 1. Modifiers describing women and men in nineteenth-century English Ingegerd Bäcklund; 2. Words in English Record Office documents of the early 1800s Tony Fairman; 3. The subjunctive in adverbial clauses in nineteenth-century English Peter Grund and Terry Walker; 4. The passive in nineteenth-century scientific writing Larisa Oldireva Gustafsson; 5. Relativizers in nineteenth-century English Christine Johansson; 6. Anaphoric reference in the nineteenth century: 'that/those + of' constructions Mark Kaunisto; 7. Adjective comparison in nineteenth-century English Merja Kytö and Suzanne Romaine; 8. Nonfinite complement clauses in the nineteenth century: the case of 'remember' Christian Mair; 9. The 'in-ing' construction in British English, 1800–2000 Juhani Rudanko; 10. Partitive constructions in nineteenth-century English Erik Smitterberg; Appendix; References; Name index; Subject index.


"The general editor of the series, Merja Kytö, has produced yet another valuable volume, and it is as distinguished as the other titles. She is very much to be congratulated on the quality of work Cambridge has issued under her supervision."
-Richard W. Bailey, The University of Michigan, Functions of Language


Merja Kytö, Mats Rydén, Erik Smitterberg, Ingegerd Bäcklund, Tony Fairman, Peter Grund, Terry Walker, Larisa Oldireva Gustafsson, Christine Johansson, Mark Kaunisto, Suzanne Romaine, Christian Mair, Juhani Rudanko

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