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Intermediate Dynamics for Engineers

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 (ISBN-13: 9780521874830)

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This book has sufficient material for two full-length semester courses in advanced engineering dynamics. As such it contains two tracks (which overlap in places). During the first course a Newton-Euler approach is used, followed by a Lagrangian approach in the second. In discussing rotations for the second course, time constraints permit a detailed discussion of only the Euler angle parameterization of a rotation tensor from Chapter 6 and a brief mention of the examples on rigid body dynamics discussed in Chapter 9. The text includes invaluable exercises at the end of each chapter that are highly structured and intended as a self-study aid. Validated solutions are provided, many of which can be performed in simulation using MATLAB® or Mathematica®.


Part I. Dynamics of a Single Particle: 1. Kinematics of a particle; 2. Kinetics of a particle; 3. Lagrange's equations of motion for a single particle; Part II. Dynamics of a System of Particles: 4. The equations of motion for a system of particles; 5. Dynamics of systems of particles; Part III. Dynamics of a Single Rigid Body: 6. Rotation tensors; 7. Kinematics of rigid bodies; 8. Constraints on and potentials for rigid bodies; 9. Kinetics of a rigid body; 10. Lagrange's equations of motion for a single rigid body; Part IV. Systems of Rigid Bodies: 11. Introduction to multibody systems; Appendix 1. Background on tensors; Bibliography; Index.

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