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Native Americans and Anglo-American Culture, 1750–1850


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 (ISBN-13: 9780521888486)

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  • Published July 2009

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Investigating a transatlantic culture that flourished in Great Britain and North America between 1750 and 1850, this collection explains how complex relationships between Britons, Native Americans and Anglo-Americans shaped the literature and history of the age. This shaping role has all too often been ignored or misconstrued by literary critics and historians. The book's chapters examine literary texts, travel accounts, traders' memoirs, historical documents, captivity narratives, autobiographies, newspaper articles, and visual arts. Its contributors chart the rise and fall of mixed communities living on the margins of white and Indian settlements, examining the role of 'cultural brokers' who used their expertise in both white and Indian cultures to mediate between them.


Introduction: the Indian Atlantic Tim Fulford and Kevin Hutchings; 1. The site of the struggle: colonialism, violence, and the captive body Robbie Richardson; 2. 'I shall tear off their scalps, and make cups of their skulls': American Indians in the eighteenth-century British press Troy Bickham; 3. Savages and men of feeling: North American Indians in Adam Smith's The Theory of Moral Sentiments and Henry Mackenzie's The Man of the World Lise Sorenson; 4. Sir William Johnson's interest: Indian land and transatlantic power Alan Taylor; 5. Representatives and representation: Southern Indians in eighteenth-century Britain Stephanie Pratt; 6. 'And the truest schools for civilisation are the forests of America': John O'Keeffe's The Basket Maker and Robert Bage's Hermsprong Helen Carr; 7. Theory and experience: Peter Fidler and the Transatlantic Indian Ted Binnema; 8. The sound of the shaman: scientists and Indians in the Arctic Tim Fulford; 9. William Wordsworth, William Cullen Bryant, and the poetics of American Indian removal Joel Pace; 10. 'The Nobleness of the Hunter's Deeds': British Romanticism, Christianity, and Ojibwa culture in George Copway's Recollections of a Forest Life Kevin Hutchings; 11. The savage tour: Indian performance across the Atlantic Joshua David Bellin; Index.


Tim Fulford, Kevin Hutchings, Robbie Richardson, Troy Bickham, Lise Sorenson, Alan Taylor, Stephanie Pratt, Helen Carr, Ted Binnema, Joel Pace, Joshua David Bellin

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