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Kant's <I>Lectures on Metaphysics</I>


  • Page extent: 280 pages
  • Size: 228 x 152 mm
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 (ISBN-13: 9781107176980)

Not yet published - available from March 2019

$105.00 (R)

Kant divided his course of lectures on metaphysics into six parts: a section entitled 'prolegomena' followed by chapters on ontology, cosmology, empirical psychology, rational psychology, and natural theology. This volume's ten chapters, written by leading Kant scholars, constitute the most comprehensive and informed analysis of his metaphysics lectures to date. The book provides balanced coverage of the lecture transcripts from Kant's course by following his general structure, with at least one chapter devoted to major themes from each of its parts. As well as examining what the lecture transcripts can tell us about the content, context, and development of Kant's thought on a range of key topics - from his conception of transcendental philosophy to his critical theism - the contributors to this volume also offer expert discussion and insight on how to make responsible use of these key primary materials from the Kantian corpus.


Introduction Courtney D. Fugate; 1. Herder as interpreter of Kant's Philosophy John H. Zammito; 2. The prolegomena to Kant's lectures on metaphysics Karin de Boer; 3. Ontology as transcendental philosophy Huaping Lu-Adler; 4. A guide to ground in Kant's lectures on metaphysics Nicholas F. Stang; 5. Space and time in Kant's lectures on metaphysics Emily Carson; 6. Kant's cosmology, miracles and the autonomy of reason Courtney D. Fugate; 7. Kant's aesthetics in his lectures on metaphysics Paul Guyer; 8. Kant's metaphysics of freedom (1775–1782): theoretical and practical perspectives Heiner F. Klemme; 9. From anthropology to rational psychology in Kant's lectures on metaphysics Jennifer Mensch; 10. Baumgarten and Kant on rational theology: deism, theism and the role of analogy Brian A. Chance and Lawrence Pasternack.


Courtney D. Fugate, John H. Zammito, Karin de Boer, Huaping Lu-Adler, Nicholas F. Stang, Emily Carson, Paul Guyer, Heiner F. Klemme, Jennifer Mensch, Brian A. Chance, Lawrence Pasternack

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