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Introduction to Property Testing


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 (ISBN-13: 9781107194052)

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Property testing is concerned with the design of super-fast algorithms for the structural analysis of large quantities of data. The aim is to unveil global features of the data, such as determining whether the data has a particular property or estimating global parameters. Remarkably, it is possible for decisions to be made by accessing only a small portion of the data. Property testing focuses on properties and parameters that go beyond simple statistics. This book provides an extensive and authoritative introduction to property testing. It provides a wide range of algorithmic techniques for the design and analysis of tests for algebraic properties, properties of Boolean functions, graph properties, and properties of distributions.


1. The main themes; 2. Testing lineriality; 3. Low degree tests; 4. Testing monotonicity; 5. Testing dictatorships, juntas, and monomials; 6. Testing by implicit sampling; 7. Lower bounds techniques; 8. Testing graph properties in the dense graph model; 9. Testing graph properties in the bounded-degree graph model; 10. Testing graph properties in the general graph model; 11. Testing properties of distributions; 12. Ramifications and related topics; 13. Locally testable codes and proofs.

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