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The Cambridge Companion to the Problem of Evil


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 (ISBN-13: 9781107636026)

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For many centuries philosophers have been discussing the problem of evil - one of the greatest problems of intellectual history. There are many facets to the problem, and for students and scholars unfamiliar with the vast literature on the subject, grasping the main issues can be a daunting task. This Companion provides a stimulating introduction to the problem of evil. More than an introduction to the subject, it is a state-of-the-art contribution to the field which provides critical analyses of and creative insights on this longstanding problem. Fresh themes in the book include evil and the meaning of life, beauty and evil, evil and cosmic evolution, and anti-theodicy. Evil is discussed from the perspectives of the major monotheistic religions, agnosticism, and atheism. Written by leading scholars in clear and accessible prose, this book is an ideal companion for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, and scholars across the disciplines.


Part I. Conceptual Issues and Controversies: 1. Evil and the meaning of life John Cottingham; 2. Beauty and the problem of evil Charles Taliaferro; 3. Logical arguments from evil and free will defences Graham Oppy; 4. God, evil, and the nature of light Paul Draper; 5. Skeptical theism Timothy Perrine and Stephen Wykstra; 6. Evil, hiddenness, and atheism J. L. Shellenberg; 7. Anti-theodicy N. N. Trakakis; Part II. Interdisciplinary Issues: 8. Cosmic evolution and evil Christopher Southgate; 9. Ancient Near Eastern perspectives on evil and terror Margo Kitts; 10. Judaism and the problem of evil Lenn Goodman; 11. Christianity, atonement, and evil Paul S. Fiddes; 12. Islam and the problem of evil Timothy Winter; 13. Naturalism, evil, and God Michael Ruse.


'To conclude, CCPE [The Cambridge Companion to the Problem of Evil] is a well-written book; the contributors did a good job in clearly presenting their ideas and convincingly arguing for their positions, as far as possible. An added value for the reader is the aesthetic pleasure that some of the essays offer (especially chapters 4, 9, and 12). Thus, the present volume is a valuable addition to the existing compendiums on evil, and a helpful guide for both students and scholars in the field of philosophy of religion. It successfully fulfils the main task set by the editors, which is not to solve PoE [The Problem of Evil], but to generate new insights by highlighting some of the key points of the continuous debate between atheologians and theologians.' Viktor Ilievski, Reading Religion


John Cottingham, Charles Taliaferro, Graham Oppy, Paul Draper, Timothy Perrine, Stephen Wykstra, J. L. Shellenberg, N. N. Trakakis, Christopher Southgate, Margo Kitts, Lenn Goodman, Paul S. Fiddes, Timothy Winter, Michael Ruse

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