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Availability: Replaced by 9781316605639

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  • ISBN:9781107606272
  • Format:Mixed media product
  • Subject(s):Mathematics
  • Qualification:Cambridge IGCSE
  • Author(s):Karen Morrison, Nick Hamshaw
  • Available from: August 2012

A series of titles written to cover the complete Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (0580) syllabus and endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations.

Availability: Replaced by 9781316605639

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  • This lively textbook, written by an experienced author and teacher, delivers comprehensive coverage of the IGCES Mathematics syllabus for both Core and Extended courses. Offering a wealth of questions, supported by worked examples and diagrams, with hints and tips along the way to reinforce skills and guide learning. The dynamic and quality text, endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations, has been made available in print and e-book formats. The print book includes a CD-ROM of supplementary materials including interactive revision questions, worksheets, worked solutions and calculator support. These supplementary materials, except the interactive questions, are also included in the e-book version.

    • Covers the complete IGCSE Mathematics (0580) syllabus for both the Core and Extended courses in the one book.

    • Extended material is clearly marked, with useful hints in the margins for those students needing more support, leaving the narrative clear and to the point.

    • Worked examples are provided throughout to demonstrate typical workings and thought processes.

    • Progressive and repetitive exercises complete with answers at the back of the book, can be used for classroom work, homework or self-assessment.

    • Useful tips for the examinations are included in the margins for additional support.

    • Fast forwards / rewind boxes connect related topics in the coursebook, making it easy to navigate regardless of what order the topics are taught.

    • Exam and Exam-style questions at the end of each chapter to provide lots of exam practice.

    • A Glossary to explain new and difficult words.

    • The accompanying CD-ROM includes interactive revision questions, revision worksheets tailored for Core students and Extended students (complete with answers), and worked solutions to some of the exam questions set in the coursebook. There is also a calculator support chapter, and associated worksheets, to help you master your graphical display calculator.

    • Other resources in the Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics series are Cambridge IGCSE Core Practice book – for targeted practice [ISBN to follow]; Cambridge IGCSE Extended Practice book – for targeted practice [ISBN to follow]; Cambridge IGCSE Teacher’s Resource CD-ROM – for ideas and advice [ISBN to follow]

    • Introduction
    • Acknowledgements
    • Unit 1: 1. Reviewing number concepts
    • 2. Making sense of algebra
    • 3. Lines, angles and shapes
    • 4. Collecting, organising and displaying data
    • Unit 2: 5. Fractions
    • 6. Equations and transforming formulae
    • 7. Perimeter, area and volume
    • 8. Introduction to probability
    • Unit 3: 9. Sequences and sets
    • 10. Straight lines and quadratic equations
    • 11. Pythagoras' theorem and similar shapes
    • 12. Averages and measures of spread
    • Unit 4: 13. Understanding measurements
    • 14. Further solving of equations and inequalities
    • 15. Scale drawings, bearings and trigonometry
    • 16. Scatter diagrams and correlation
    • Unit 5: 17. Managing money
    • 18. Curved graphs
    • 19. Symmetry and loci
    • 20. Histograms and frequency distribution diagrams
    • Unit 6: 21. Ratio, rate and proportion
    • 22. More equations, formulae and functions
    • 23. Transformations and matrices
    • 24. Probability using tree diagrams
    • Examination practice: structure questions for Units 4-6
    • Exercise answers
    • Glossary
    • Index.

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