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Software Downloads

This book integrates the computational software packages Maple, MATLAB, FEHT and Engineering Equation Solver (EES) directly with the heat transfer material. Limited academic versions of EES and FEHT are provided with the text. These versions of the program can solve all of the examples provided in the text. Useful information relating to Maple and MATLAB can also be downloaded by clicking on the title in the right column.

ees icon EES - Engineering Equation Solver

Download this limited version of EES only if you do not have access to the complete academic version. This limited version contains and will run all of the examples in Heat Transfer. However, the limited version cannot save or print. Click here for more information about EES.

feht iconFEHT - Finite Heat Transfer


This version of FEHT provides up to 1000 nodes and can solve all of the finite element programs in the book. A complete version of FEHT can be purchased from F-Chart Software.

Inverse Laplace Transforms Library for Maple


Add your Laplace transform problem to the bottom of this Maple file in order to extend the library of Laplace transforms.

Numerical Inverse Laplace Transform Algorithm


MATLAB function by Hollenbeck (1997) that provides inverse Laplace transforms numerically using the algorithm of de Hoog et al (1982).