Teacher Resources

In addition to the range of resources available in each component of the series, Interchange Fourth Edition also provides a variety of free materials to make your lessons even more engaging and the lesson planning much easier. Click on the links on the right to download the following resources:

Games and Fresh Ideas

The Games provide stimulating ways to review or practice skills, such as grammar and vocabulary. The Fresh Ideas propose fun alternative ways to present and review the exercises in the Student's Book. Suggestions of when and how to use these are also provided in the step-by-step notes of the Teacher's Edition and indicated by the domino icon (Games) and the exclamation mark icon (Fresh Ideas).


Over 360 downloadable and customizable worksheets provide a fun and simple way to review, reinforce, or extend language and skills taught in Interchange Fourth Edition, as well as providing extra speaking practice. For each unit of the Student's Book, there is a Grammar, a Vocabulary, a Listening, a Writing (Levels 1-3), a Project, and an Extra worksheet, which practices a variety of skills.

Language Summaries

These summaries provide the key vocabulary and expressions from each unit. They can also be used by students as a helpful reference for language consolidation and review.

Supplementary Resources Overview

The overview for each level indicates all the activities available in the various components and resources that can be used with each exercise in the Student's Book units for extra practice, review, and assessment.

Transition Guides

If you have used Interchange Third Edition, the Transition Guides provide a detailed overview of how the content of each Student's Book activity has changed in the fourth edition so that you can more easily revise lesson plans and supplementary materials.

Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) Correlations

These charts show how the activities in the Interchange Fourth Edition Student's Books and Workbooks correlate with the CEFR competencies. An introduction also shows how the levels of Interchange correlate with the levels of the CEFR and some major international examinations.