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An Introduction to the New Testament and the Origins of Christianity

Delbert Burkett

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An authoritative and accessible introduction to the New Testament and early Christian literature for all students of the Bible and anyone interested in the origins of Christianity.

Focussing on the New Testament, but also examining a wealth of non-biblical writing which sheds light on the history, religion and literature of Christianity in the years from 30 CE to 150 CE.

In the much contested field of New Testament studies this textbook draws on a wide spectrum of biblical scholarship to provide students with a balanced critical overview of the origins and early expressions of Christian belief. The book is organized systematically with questions for in-class discussion and written assignment, step-by-step reading guides on individual works, special box features, charts, maps, an appendix with translations of primary texts, and numerous illustrations designed to facilitate student use.

Chapters on specific biblical texts include:

  • Introduction to the critical issues, historical setting and themes
  • Outline of the text with explanatory and interpretive comments
  • Discussion/review questions for in-class use and homework
  • Suggestions for further study

With this textbook and the Bible, the student will have all the necessary basic course materials.

Delbert Burkett has taught religious studies at a number of colleges and universities and is currently serving as Associate Professor at Louisiana State University. His book The Son of Man Debate: A History and Evaluation (Cambridge, 1999) has received critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic. Other works include articles for New Testament Studies and Novum Testamentum.


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