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The Supreme Court in the American Legal System

The Supreme Court in the American Legal System
Jeffrey A. Segal, Harold J. Spaeth, Sara C. Benesh

Below we provide links to the data and output used in most of the tables in The Supreme Court in the American Legal System. The data exist as zipped SPSS portable files. If you do not have a program (such as WinZip or PKZip) please click here to download free zip software . Additionally, some Mac users may require the program Stuff-It Expander to open the datasets. If you do not have this program, please click here .

The output files contain our output and the instructions necessary to replicate the results. The instructions are in command-line form, not point-and-click form. Point-and-click alternatives exist for virtually all the commands listed.

Table or Illustration




Table 6.4

Pennsylvania sentencing regression


Table 7.2, 7.4, 7.6

State Supreme Court confession results

ssc confession data

ssc confession.htm

Table 8.8

U.S. sentencing data


Figures 9.6-9.8

Court of Appeals Figures


usca figures.htm

Tables 9.3-9.10

Court of Appeals decisions (Songer/Auburn)

Songer auburn

tables 9-3 and 9-4.htm

tables 9-5 and 9-6.htm

table 9-7.htm

table 9-8.htm

table 9-9.htm

table 9-10.htm

Tables 10.3-10.9

Confirmation crosstabs

ch 10 tables.htm

Figures 10.1

Presidential Regimes


Figures 10.2

Incoming and outgoing justices


Table 11.1


Table 11-1.htm

Table 11.2

Case selection

Table 11-2.htm

Table 11.3-11.5

Cert strategies

Burger cert

Burger cert tables.htm

Table 11.6

Reversal by chief

Table 11-6.htm

Table 11.7

Reversal by term

Table 11-7.htm

Table 12.2

Support for Precedent


Table 12.3

Overturning Precedent


Figures 12.1, 12.2

Ideology scatterplots

Ideology figures.htm

Table 13.1

Behavioral Options

Table 13-1.htm

Table 13.2 and 13.3

Vinson and Warren assignments

Vinwar assignments.htm

Tables 13.4

Burger assignments

Table 13-4.htm

Table 14.1-14.4

Court of Appeals decisions by Confession data


ch14 tables.htm