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MATLAB Results for Tutorials and Text Examples
We hope you have attempted to enter the MATLAB statements as you read the text. These results are here just in case you wonder if you have made a mistake or if you don't have access to a computer loaded with MATLAB while you are studying. And if you wonder, the color scheme follows that of the MATLAB editor.
    M-files list List of M-file samples so you can find them when you need them later.
   New features Brief comments on new MATLAB features.
  The following links will pop up in a new window.
    Chapter 1: MATLAB Session 1
    Chapter 2: Examples, MATLAB Session 2
    Chapter 3: Examples, MATLAB Session 3
    Chapter 4: Examples, MATLAB Session 4
    Chapter 5: Examples, MATLAB Session 5  &  Simulink Session
    Chapter 6: Examples
    Chapter 7: Examples, MATLAB Session 6
    Chapter 8: Examples, MATLAB Session 7
    Chapter 9: Examples
    Chapter 10: Examples
MATLAB Tutorial Supplementary Notes (in PDF format)
  Session 1:  Import/Export data
  Session 2:  Symbolic algebra
  Session 3:  Runge-Kutta integration
  Session 7:  Basic frequency resonse function
For MATLAB product information, please contact:
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Tel: 508-647-7000, Fax: 508-647-7101

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