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Cambridge's respected politics list covers the full range of subdisciplines in the field. We aim to reflect the latest developments in research, and also to provide materials for graduate and undergraduate students.

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First in International Relations

We are pleased to announce that Cambridge University Press received top ranking among publishers in the 2006/2007 TRIP Survey of International Relations Faculty in the United States and Canada. Published by the Program on the Theory and Practice of International Relations at the College of William & Mary, Cambridge was ranked #1 by the 1,112 surveyed scholars in the categories of top publisher of books in International Relations, and top publisher of books in the scholars' respective areas of expertise. Additionally, International Organization, published by Cambridge, was ranked as the top journal in the field and in the surveyed scholars' respective areas of expertise.

We are honored by these results and are committed to continue publishing the finest work in International Relations and Political Science. To view the publication of the survey's findings online, please click here (PDF).


Featured Titles

Add to basketBoundaries of Obligation in American Politics

Geographic, National, and Racial Communities

Cara J. Wong

Based on analysis of three types of communities and eight national surveys, this book examines how ordinary Americans imagine their communities and how that definition subsequently shapes their views on governmental redistributive policies.

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$25.99 (Z)
Add to basketPushing the Agenda

Presidential Leadership in US Lawmaking, 1953–2004

Matthew N. Beckmann

The central question of presidents’ legislative leadership is not a question of resolve; it is a question of strategy: by what means can presidents build winning coalitions for their agenda?

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$26.99 (Z)
Add to basketThe Civil Rights Movement and the Logic of Social Change

Joseph E. Luders

This book focuses on the targets of protests and affected bystanders, their interests, and their responses to explain the success and failure of social movements to bring about change in American society.

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$25.99 (Z)
Add to basketPolitical Representation

Edited by Ian Shapiro, Susan C. Stokes, Elisabeth Jean Wood, Alexander S. Kirshner

Relations between the democratic ideal and the everyday practice of political representation have never been well defined and remain the subject of vigorous debates. Here, an eminent group of scholars move forward those debates on a number of fronts.

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$29.99 (Z)
Add to basketWealth, Health, and Democracy in East Asia and Latin America

James W. McGuire

McGuire finds that the public provision of basic health care and other inexpensive social services has reduced mortality rapidly even in tough economic circumstances, and that political democracy has contributed to the provision and utilization of such social services.

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$27.99 (Z)
Add to basketColonialism and Postcolonial Development

Spanish America in Comparative Perspective

James Mahoney

This comparative-historical analysis of Spanish America explores why certain kinds of societies are subject to certain kinds of colonialism and why these forms of colonialism give rise to countries with differing levels of economic prosperity and social well-being.

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$24.99 (Z)
Add to basketLatin American Party Systems

Herbert Kitschelt, Kirk A. Hawkins, Juan Pablo Luna, Guillermo Rosas, Elizabeth J. Zechmeister

This book provides a novel theoretical argument to account for differences in the degree to which political party systems in the region were programmatically structured at the end of the twentieth century.

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$34.99 (Z)
Add to basketSocial Capital in Developing Democracies

Nicaragua and Argentina Compared

Leslie E. Anderson

Drawing on extensive field work in Nicaragua and Argentina, as well as public opinion and elite data, Anderson explores the contribution of social capital to the process of democratization and the limits of that contribution.

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$27.99 (Z)
Add to basketSkeletons in the Closet

Transitional Justice in Post-Communist Europe

Monika Nalepa

Using cases from Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, this book explores pacted transitions to democracy, in which outgoing autocrats strike deals with dissidents.

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$25.99 (Z)
Add to basketThe Politics of Welfare State Reform in Continental Europe

Modernization in Hard Times

Silja Häusermann

This book challenges existing theories of welfare state change by analyzing pension reforms in France, Germany, and Switzerland between 1970 and 2004.

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$25.99 (Z)