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Cambridge publishes a wide range of academic and educational books in theology and religious studies. Our list is strong in Christian theology and Christian ethics, as well as in the other world religions (particularly Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism), and in the philosophy of religion, the sociology of religion, and comparative religion.

Featured Titles

Add to basketThe Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion

Edited by Peter Harrison

In recent years, the relations between science and religion have been the object of renewed attention. Developments in physics, biology and the neurosciences have reinvigorated discussions about the nature of life and ultimate reality. 

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Add to basketMuslims in Britain

An Introduction

Sophie Gilliat-Ray

Archaeological evidence shows there was contact between Muslims and the British Isles from the 8th century. Beginning with these historical roots, Sophie Gilliat-Ray traces the major points of encounter between Muslims and the British in subsequent centuries, and explores Muslim migration to Britain in recent times. 

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Add to basketThe Theology of Hugh of St. Victor

An Interpretation

Boyd Taylor Coolman

In the context of the early twelfth-century urbanization of Paris, Hugh of St. Victor developed a pioneering program of intellectual and moral practices focused on reforming the soul.  

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Add to basketOne God

Pagan Monotheism in the Roman Empire

Edited by Stephen Mitchell, Peter Van Nuffelen

Graeco-Roman religion in its classic form was polytheistic; on the other hand, monotheistic ideas enjoyed wide currency in ancient philosophy. This contradiction provides a challenge for our understanding of ancient pagan religion. 

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Add to basketParadise in Antiquity

Jewish and Christian Views

Edited by Markus Bockmuehl , Guy G. Stroumsa

The social and intellectual vitality of Judaism and Christianity in antiquity was in large part a function of their ability to articulate a viably transcendent hope for the human condition.  

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Add to basketFaith in Politics

Religion and Liberal Democracy

Bryan T. McGraw

No account of contemporary politics can ignore religion. The liberal democratic tradition in political thought has long treated religion with some suspicion, regarding it as a source of division and instability.  

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The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity

Edited by Daniel Patte

The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity is an authoritative reference guide that enables college and seminary students, their teachers, and Christian clergy to reflect critically upon all aspects of Christianity from its origins to the present day.  

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Add to basketMeditation in Modern Buddhism

Renunciation and Change in Thai Monastic Life

Joanna Cook

In contemporary Thai Buddhism, the burgeoning popularity of vipassana meditation is dramatically impacting the lives of those most closely involved with its practice: monks and mae chee (lay nuns) living in monastic communities. 

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Sex, Gender, and Episcopal Authority in an Age of Reform, 10001122

Megan McLaughlin

The eleventh and early twelfth centuries were a period of intense debate over ecclesiastical reform in western Europe.  

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Legal Revision and Religious Renewal in Ancient Israel

Bernard M. Levinson

This book examines the doctrine of transgenerational punishment found in the Decalogue—that is, the idea that God punishes sinners vicariously and extends the punishment due them to three or four generations of their progeny. 

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