Name: Pinna

Feature type: symbol Aa1, named

Segment grid: 5B1

Color image of immediate environs of Pinna

Some confusion has evidently arisen over the placement of Pinna, although I do not share the confidence of ItMiller 214-16 that it can be identified and remedied. On the ground, Pinna lies further inland than Hadria, so it should hardly have been the point where the loop inland from Castro novo linked up again with the coast road. There is no telling whether this misconception is the mapmaker's, or whether it stems from a copyist's slip.

Onward stretch:

  • VI (6) Salinas
    • The VI placed above the name Salinas (because space is limited) is surely meant as the distance figure for the Pinna-Salinas stretch. To place it to the left of river #46 might have been clearer.
    • River crossing: Fl. Cvmara (river, no. 46)

Previous stretches: