Name: Clvtvrno

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 5B3

Color image of immediate environs of Clvtvrno

Onward stretch:

  • (no distance figure) Ebvtiana
    • There is serious confusion here; compare BAtlas 44. On the ground, a route from Clvtvrno to Adlefas looks unlikely; still less so one from Teano Scedicino to Clvtvrno, especially via Telesie, which lies in quite another direction. By contrast, to continue from Clvtuvno to Bobiano would be reasonable; likewise to proceed direct from Teano Scedicino to Adlefas. In all likelihood, successive copyists left slips and omissions when tackling this complex section of the map, and in consequence the confusion only worsened over time.

Previous stretches: