Name: Statvle

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 5B2

Color image of immediate environs of Statvle

The map as we have it represents Statvle as a deadend, and Mons imevs below likewise. It is tempting to think (with ItMiller 323), however, that a link between them made by the mapmaker has been omitted by copyists (along with a distance figure, presumably); compare BAtlas 44 E1. There is no knowing where the link would have been placed (perhaps a vertical line running between Mons and imevs ? Compare the linkage of Ad Rotas and Adflexvm in 5B3). In any event, this section of the map illustrates the difficulties that its design creates for presenting a route vertically rather than horizontally. Moreover when Corfinio and Marrvbio are not far apart on the map, the need to establish route stretches for each of the three intermediate stations poses an additional problem.

There are no onward stretches.

Previous stretch: