Name: Adpvblicanos

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 4A2

Color image of immediate environs of Adpvblicanos

This name and distance figure VI, as well as the next (Adrante XXXVII), have evidently been added after NORICO was written in large red capitals, because its R and I are overrun. In all likelihood the mapmaker had drawn the route linework so as to avoid those two capitals; hence the start of a new stretch between them. When our copyist added the two names and distance figures, he was able to accommodate Adrante well, but not Adpvblicanos; fortunately, the Savo Fl. stretch was a lengthy one anyway, with its latter part blank. Assuming that the names and figures added were already on the (earlier) copy that our copyist was reproducing, it seems remarkable that he overlooked them all. This said, however, the three blank stretches between Adsilanos and Tasinemeti (3A5-4A1), the route linework missing between Advicesimvm and Petavione (4A2), and the Botivo stretch (4A4), may all be further testimony to his slackness.

Onward stretch:

  • VI (6) Adrante
    • The start of this stretch is not marked.

Previous stretch: