Name: Tarsatica

Feature type: symbol Ab1, named

Segment grid: 4B1

Color image of immediate environs of Tarsatica

Onward stretches:

  • XX (20) Senia
  • (no distance figure) Adtvrres
    • The duplication of routes between Tarsatica and Senia is a puzzle. It is conceivable, as Miller conjectures, that one is intended as a land route, the other by sea. BAtlas 20 B4 makes duplication on the ground seem unlikely. Alternatively, perhaps at some stage a copyist placed the two distance figures and the name Adtvrres in such a way that a later copyist thought two routes had to be drawn rather than just one. Note that ItAnt 273, 5-7 lists Tharsatico XVII-Ad Turres XX-Senia XX.

Previous stretch: