Name: Hadre

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 4A4

Color image of immediate environs of Hadre

The copyist (either ours, or a predecessor whom he is following uncritically) seems to have no understanding of what he is copying here. It would appear that he placed the large capitals for M E D I A P R O V I first, next placed "Hadre" either side of the "R" dividing it "Hadr" and "e", and then continued with no discernible break. Thus, strictly, "Hadre" is only the start of "Hadreabhadre". After a long interval follows "Bvrnomilia", and then after a longer interval XIII.

Onward stretch:

  • XIII (13) Bvrno
    • The start of this stretch is not marked.
    • River crossings: (river, no. 27c) and (river, no. 27c)

Previous stretch: