Name: Avlona

Feature type: symbol Aa5, named

Segment grid: 6B3

Color image of immediate environs of Avlona

It is a puzzle that presentation of the route Avlona-Actanicopoli should depart so conspicuously from the map's regular style, especially when there seems no pressing need for such a contrast. It is awkward that the names are written at a slant rather than horizontally; also that in two instances (Ocrocenavrio and Rutharoto) name and distance figure are well separated, while the distance figure for Addianam is immediately under the symbol. Beyond Ciclis limen, the efforts to match the indentations of the shoreline (if that is the intention) are very unusual.

Compare Adnovas-Dvrostero (7A1-A2) as a route where the mapmaker is aware that he needs to write the names at a slight slant if they are all to fit; he does so neatly here, without complicating the addition of linework.

Onward stretch:

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