Name: Mizago

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 8B4

Color image of immediate environs of Mizago

Onward stretch:

  • XX (20) (symbol, no name, no. 53)
    • ItMiller 659 reads the distance figure as XXVIII - that is, adding together the XX on the route linework before symbol #53 and the VIII below it. It is true that the XX has no stop after it, and the VIII does. However, it is not so uncommon for a figure to the left of a symbol to lack a stop (note the cases of Amasia in 8A5 and Pergamo in 8B3). In addition, the VIII is placed further below the route linework than might be expected if it is intended as an addition to the XX. In that event, the more typical recourse would be to place it above the XX, and there is plenty of space to do this here. The name Amvrio could then be placed above its symbol in the regular fashion. I think it more likely that the VIII is meant as the distance figure for a single stretch (linework missing) from Amvrio to symbol #53.

Previous stretch: