Name: Si[lesv]a

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 5C2

Color image of immediate environs of Si[lesv]a

The first occurrence of the name on the stretch is damaged, but it can be confidently restored from its recurrence on this stretch and on the previous one.

Onward stretches:

  • XVIIII (19) Adaqvas
    • Distance is given as: "A SILESVA AD AQVAS MIL XIX" (all this lettering well spaced).
  • XVIII (18) Avibvs
    • Distance is given as: "A SILESVA AVIBVS MILIA XVIII". All this lettering is well spaced. Note the wide gap between the "M" and first "I" of MILIA, intended to avoid the symbol immediately above. The stretch extends in total to approx. 14 ins. (35.5 cm); its lower branch measures approx. 12.75 ins. (32.5 cm).

Previous stretch: