Name: yconio

Feature type: symbol Ab2, named

Segment grid: 9B2

Color image of immediate environs of yconio

Onward stretches:

  • XX (20) Fines cilicie
    • The route linework is briefly interrupted as it curves and traverses mountain range #109A; placement of the distance figure is delayed to the end of this long stretch in order to help guide users of the map.
  • (no distance figure) Adfines
  • (no distance figure) Taspa
  • LX (60) Antiochia pisidia
    • The circuitous course of the route linework is strange insofar as it would seem easier (as well as practical) to bring it directly down from yconio. However, placement of the distance figure LX would then pose a problem, since it should not overrun mountain range #109A. Note that users of the map have to infer which stretch this figure relates to; yconio-Antiochia pisidia is my inference.

Previous stretches: