Name: Tigvbis

Feature type: symbol Aa2, named

Segment grid: 10C3

Color image of immediate environs of Tigvbis

Onward stretches:

  • XVI (16) Fons scabore
    • Along the stretch appears: "Atigvbbi Adfonte scoborem XVI" [e of Adfonte with macron]. Note the lack of concern to spell either placename consistently; compare the upper two stretches from Hierapoli.
    • River crossing: (river, no. 126c)
  • XVI? (16?) Hadia
    • It is only conjecture, but surely a reasonable one, that the distance figure XVI below the symbol refers to this stretch. Its placement reflects the difficulty of fitting in all the names and distances hereabouts while keeping lettering clear of rivers. The same difficulty affects the entire route from Tigvbis to Hatris. The result is often clumsy, but it is impressive that the mapmaker marks the number of places he does. The goal of keeping lettering clear of rivers is achieved, except in the case of the final letter of Themessata. Even though the overall result is not without flaws, copyists evidently exercised care in reproducing this part of the map.
    • River crossing: (river, no. 126d)

Previous stretch: