Name: onoadas

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 11C1

Color image of immediate environs of onoadas

The layout of names between here and Evropos and Nagae is a curious mix. The mapmaker begins and ends by (so to speak) 'sloping vertically' (onoadas, Evropos), but at the same time was evidently concerned that he would not be able to fit in the six intermediate names likewise, so instead resorted to 'sloping horizontally' for them. One result is an unusual juxtaposition of Pascara and its distance figure. In view of the concern about space, the wide gap left between Evropos and Nagae is unexpected.

Onward stretch:

  • XVI (16) Darathe
    • The start of this stretch is not marked.
    • It is natural to imagine that the stretch should begin at the river crossing #130A; there is no chicane to mark the start.

Previous stretch: