Feature type: region

Segment grid: 4A1-5A2

Color image of immediate environs of LIBVRNIA

Note that no stop follows the "A" in 5A1 (the lithograph in ItMiller 417 misleads by seeming to attach one). It is left up to the map's users to understand that this is the last letter of LIBVRNIA, and that the "D" which follows (after approximately the same interval as the "I" preceding) is the start of another name altogether, DALMATIA. It is of course impossible to say whether the map originally included a stop here. Our copy's usage is inconsistent. Many of the names presented in display capitals are not followed by a stop, and one is hardly needed; others are, however. In the present instance it is just conceivable that the large stop preceding the distance figure XV for Lorano was inserted to serve as a stop between LIBVRNIA and DALMATIA, albeit in black, and rather far removed from "A".