Name: Port(vs) Tvrris

Feature type: water

Segment grid: 5A5

Color image of immediate environs of Port(vs) Tvrris

In line with the copyist's thinking no doubt, Miller naturally associates this water feature with Tvrris cesaris below it (5B5, in Italy). It is conceivable, however, that the name was meant to be placed somewhat higher, and associated with Adtvrres (5A5, in Dalmatia). Most of the water features between 5A3 and 6A2 relate without question to the Dalmatian coast above rather than to that of Italy below. Thus Port(vs) Pedie (5B5) may be linked with Pardva (5A5), and Tvrris Stagna (6A1) with Stagnum (BAtlas 20 E7).