Traiectvs Stadior(vm) CC

Feature type: special feature / notice

Segment grid: 7B1

Color image of immediate environs of Traiectvs Stadior(vm) CC

"CC" has a macron. For the mapmaker to note a sea-crossing is most unusual. So, too, is the specification of the unit of distance; see Chapter 3 sect. 4 (b). 200 stades = 25 Roman miles at the standard 8 stades to the mile. This is in fact approximately the distance from Boia(i) to the settlement Kythera (BAtlas 58 E4 and inset); Miller may therefore be right in urging that the crossing meant by the mapmaker is from Boas to Ins. Cytera (#71). The only certain point, however, is that our copy of the map does not clarify adequately which crossing is meant.