Name: S[.]NVS [.]VSI[ - ? - ]S

Feature type: water

Segment grid: 7A5-8A1

Color image of immediate environs of S[.]NVS [.]VSI[ - ? - ]S

Most of the letters are badly damaged, and towards the end of the second word a gash into the parchment has removed at least one letter altogether.

Note that this name's coverage is limited, no further left than the Danube mouths, no further right than the strait dividing Europe and Asia. Open water left of the name is occupied by other names, and immediately to the right of the strait begins what amounts to a repetition, PONTVS EVXIN+[.] (8A1-9A1), itself followed by another name, [..]NTVS POLEMONI[…]S (9A2).