Fossa Facta P(er) Servos Scvtarvm

Feature type: special feature / notice

Segment grid: 8A1

Color image of immediate environs of Fossa Facta P(er) Servos Scvtarvm

"Ditch dug by slaves of the Scythians."

At the end, "r" and "vm" are separated by a gash about one-quarter inch across. Evidently, therefore, the copyist took into account the gash. On the other hand, there seems to be just the start of a "v" visible immediately following the "r". Possibly the "vm" now visible is a later replacement for letters removed by the gash. Note that the "C" of LACVS in the water immediately below has simply disappeared in the gash.

Below the word Fossa is a small hole in the parchment, not a lake.

It is not clear whether the map shows linework for the course of the 'ditch'. The dark line under "Fossa Facta" may be interpreted thus, or this could be just an extended smudge. It does not appear to continue below the hole to link lake and sea.