Feature type: water

Segment grid: 8A1-9A1

Color image of immediate environs of PONTVS EVXIN+[.]

The letters of PONTVS are very widely separated, those of EVXIN+[.] less so, especially towards the end. "IN" is best seen on the 1888 photograph, and what may be one stroke of "V" after it above the Zacoria stretch (9A1) on the 1976 photograph. I am unable to identify the final "S".

Since the letters of the name come to be less widely separated, overall they do not continue to the end of the open water named. In fact the righthand end is kept clear to accommodate a further name, [..]NTVS POLEMONI[…]S (9A2), which seems to signify a land region; see note under its entry.

The name itself begins immediately to the right of the straits separating Europe and Asia. On the European side, the open water of the Black Sea is named separately S[.]NVS [.]VSI[ - ? - ]S (7A5-8A1). This name, however, only begins by the Danube mouths; further left, the open water is occupied by other names.


Detail from 1888 photograph

Detail from 1888 photograph