Name: Z[.]gaza[.]na

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 7C1

Color image of immediate environs of Z[.]gaza[.]na

The name is altogether difficult to read, and two letters seem beyond recovery.

Even though not represented with a symbol in the regular way, this stretch is in fact a crossroads: compare, for example, Tamannvna Mvnicipivm et Castellvm (1C2) and Dertona (2B5). Of these three, Z[.]gaza[.]na is perhaps the least readily comprehensible for the map's users.

Onward stretches:

  • (no distance figure) Tvrris et taberna
    • One stretch is drawn as two.
    • It remains possible that the distance figure XXII refers to this stretch (two meant as one) rather than to the stretch from psidio to Z[.]gaza[.]na. In that event, however, the figure might perhaps have been placed on the second of the pair of stretches.
  • XII (12) Digdida Mvnicipivm Selorvm

Previous stretches: