Name: Gesogiaco qvod nvnc Bononia

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 1A2

Color image of immediate environs of Gesogiaco qvod nvnc Bononia

"Gesogiaco, which is now Bononia." The latter name is attested from the early fourth century. In all likelihood this note about the change of name was introduced by a copyist; for the sole comparable instance, see helyacapitolina (9C1).

As a junction, the name ought to be marked by a symbol, but there is none. Possibly the slip originates with the mapmaker; compare Argantomago (1B3).

Onward stretches:

  • XXIIII (24) Castello MenapiorvĚ„
  • (no distance figure) Castello MenapiorvĚ„
    • In all likelihood (see BAtlas 11B2) it is a linework copyist's error to make the route Geosgiaco-Lintomagi pass through Castello Menapiorv rather than proceeding direct.
  • X (10) Gravinvm
    • As ItMiller 102 stresses and BAtlas 11 demonstrates, it makes no sense to begin this route at Gesogiaco, at least not if it is to proceed overland. However, there remains the possibility that the stretches Gesogiaco-Gravinvm-Ivliobona were meant to be traversed by coastal boat.

Previous stretch:

  • (no distance figure) (unnamed / illegible, no. 1)