Name: Degetia

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 1B4

Color image of immediate environs of Degetia

As a crossroads, Degetia ought to be marked by a symbol, but one is lacking. Whatever the reason (compare Riobe 1A4), in this instance it cannot be lack of space in which to fit a symbol.

Onward stretches:

  • XIIII ( (14 (upper)) Aqvis Nisincii
  • XIIII ( (14 (lower)) Aqvis Nisincii
    • One or more errors have developed here, which it now seems impossible to correct with any certainty, in particular because Aqvis Nisincii cannot be located. A pair of routes of the same length (XIIII) from Degetia appears unnecessary. Possibly the lower one was meant to go direct to Boxvm without touching Aqvis Nisincii ? [compare Gesogiaco-Lintomagi in 1A2] As it is, a distance figure for Aqvis Nisincii-Boxvm is lacking. At the same time the isolated distance figure XXII to the right of the Aqvis Nisincii symbol presents a puzzle; was it possibly for a direct route to Avg D[ - ? - ]m for which the linework is lacking ? Note that ItAnt twice (366,7 and 460,8) gives XXII as the Alisincvm-Augvstodvnvm distance (it seems safe to identify Alisincvm with Aqvae Nisincii). Its distances from Decetia or Deccidae to Alisincvm are once (367,1) XXIIII, and once (460,7) XIIII. Boxvm does not occur in ItAnt.
    • The bend in the route linework immediately below the first letter of the name is presumably to be taken as marking the start of this stretch.

Previous stretches: