Name: Lemvno

Feature type: symbol Aa1, named

Segment grid: 1B3

Color image of immediate environs of Lemvno

Onward stretches:

  • XLII (42) Casarodvno
    • Note the gap left - unnecessarily - between the distance figure XLII and the arced route linework. Did a copyist mistakenly imagine that this route related to "XX. Fines" below ?
  • XX (20) Fines (1)
    • For whatever reason, the distance figure XX and the name of the next place (Fines, with no distance figure) were squeezed in above the river, instead of being placed below it; at a pinch, they could have fitted there.
    • River crossing: Fl. Garvnna (river, no. 6)

Previous stretches: