Name: Clefantaria

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 4C3

Color image of immediate environs of Clefantaria

The initial "C" is undoubtedly a slip for "E", but "C" is what is written.

Onward stretches:

  • X (10) Clvcar
    • The start of this stretch is not marked.
  • VII (7) Membrissa
    • The linework for this stretch is not marked.
    • ItMiller 934 and Map 288 make the missing linework for the isolated distance figure VII link Tichilla and Clefantaria. But the figure's placement, not to mention the greater proximity of Clefantaria to Membrissa on the ground (BAtlas 32 E3), suggest that the link should be between these two places instead. Note that, with the link restored, the start of the Clefantaria stretch comes to be marked by the fork in the route.

Previous stretch: