Name: Acvnvm

Feature type: name, no symbol

Segment grid: 2B1

Color image of immediate environs of Acvnvm

Onward stretch:

  • XII (12) Batiana
    • The lettering for Senomago and its distance figure has to extend well beyond the short stretch (with river crossing) that can be provided. Consequently the name (Acvnvm) and distance figure for the next stretch cannot be fitted there in the regular way, and the stretch beyond that (Batiana) cannot be accommodated at all; not even linework for it can be drawn. In clumsy fashion the name Acvnvm and distance figure are placed below the route linework for its stretch, and then Batiana and its distance figure below them again. At least Batiana is not just omitted altogether for lack of space, but this section of route (from Ernagina) does vividly demonstrate the stresses that the format for the network can impose.

Previous stretch: